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China Factory

  Our production facilities, which are located Mainland China, house our material, engineering, manufacturing, and Quality Assurance departments produce our high-quality products at low cost-with saving that are passed along to our customers at competitive prices.

Founded: June, 1988 Area: 4,000
SQM Employees: 350
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Main Equipment

SMT Main Equipment
1.2K PCS/day
36K PCS/day
● Chip placer(FUJI)
● Glue Dispenser
● Auto Screen Printer
● Reflow Oven
● Hot Jet
● Ultrasonic Cleaner
● Supervisor computer
● Digitizer with Image monitor
AI Main Equipment
H-Type 700K PCS/day

V-Type 200K PCS/day
● Vertical AI Machine (RAD)
● Horizontal AI Machine (AVK2)
● Horizontal AI Machine (VCD)
● Auto Arrangement
HI Main Equipment  
● Digital scope
● LCR Meter
● Signal Generator
● DIP Integrate line
● Soldering machine
● Temperature Chamber